How to obtain a no-crime certificate in Vietnam?-ENG version

Summary of no-crime certificate procedure

Today we would like to explain how to obtain a no-crime certificate!

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1_Preparation of documents required to apply for and obtain a Vietnam No Crime Certificate

Before an application ( to get a criminal certificate) for a criminal certificate, we need to prepare the below documentation.

Document note
1-1_Passport (must be notarised)
1-2_Certificate of temporary residence issued by the Public security landlord can prepare
1-3_Power of Attorney if applying on behalf of the applicant to the Judicial Office Need interpreter

1-1_Preparation and notarisation of the passport

The first step is to prepare your passport. This needs to be notarised in Notary office

Approximate time: 3 hours (can be done in one day) 🙂

1-2_Obtaining a “Certificate of Temporary Residence” issued by the Vietnam Public Security

The next step is to obtain a “Certificate of Temporary Residence”. You can get the certificate in the following two steps.

  1. STEP1: Contact your landlord and ask for the “Temporary Residence Certificate”.
  2. STEP 2: Submit it to the Public Security Bureau and get a stamp.

Estimated time: 5 working day

❗️In some cases, you will need to obtain a ‘temporary residence certificate’ with a public security stamp.
It is a good idea to have more than one of these as they can be used for TRC and other procedures.


1-3_Notarisation of the power of attorney when applying to the judicial office on behalf of the applicant

The next step is to prepare the power of attorney for the application to the judicial office. This is a special case.

The application for a “Certificate of No Crime” should normally be made by the applicant. However, foreigners, for example Japanese, are not fluent in Vietnamese.

Therefore, Applicant needs to delegate it to a Vietnamese person.

This power of attorney needs to be notarized. However, this is not the same as a normal notarization. The power of attorney must be notarized with the help of a person who can interpret Japanese.

We need the help of a Japanese interpreter(In case Applicant is Japanese, Need support of Japanese interpreter)

The notary will explain everything to the applicant (Japanese). This is then explained to the applicant by the “interpreter”.

I declare that I understand this and write a note.

「Yes, I understand. I understand what you told me!」

And so on.

I’ve also included a picture of a sample.


2_Applying online to the Judicial Bureau

Once you have prepared the necessary documents, you can apply to the Department of Justice to obtain a “No Crime Certificate”.

The steps are as follows

  • 【STEP1】Log in to the Bureau of Justice website
    There is a special website for this purpose.
  • 【STEP2】Choose a Japanese national who is staying in Vietnam
  • 【STEP3】Fill in the required information
    Fill in the application form with the required information.

【STEP1,2】Access the Bureau of Justice Online Registration Service and make your selection! We will explain each of them. First of all, click on the following link to access.

Then you will find five categories. This time, we will choose Foreigners currently residing in Vietnam. This is because you are a foreigner currently residing in Vietnam.

>>Online Judicial Bureau Registration Service

  1. Vietnamese citizens permanently / temporarily residing in the country
  2. Vietnamese citizens residing abroad
  3. Foreigners currently residing in Vietnam
  4. Vietnamese citizens with unspecified permanent residence / temporary residence
  5. Foreigners who have resided in Vietnam

【STEP3】 Fill in the necessary information

The next step is to fill in the application form. Follow the form and fill in the information.

There are three categories

  • Information for the individual
  • Family information
  • Information of authorized person(Normally VN  person)

❗️you can also ask for the results to be delivered.(ex,GRAB)

Please find attached a sample of the application screen for your reference. Please refer to the attached sample. I think you can understand. It is quite detailed, such as family information.

3_When the deadline comes, you can actually go to the judicial bureau to get a “no crime certificate”.

Approximately 10 working days later, you will be able to pick up your ‘no crime certificate’ in person.

At that time, you will need to bring the following items with you.

  • Passport (notarised)
  • Original certificate of temporary stay issued by the Public Security Bureau
  • Notarised power of attorney if you are applying on behalf of the judiciary
  • Information for online application
  • Money 200,000 VND
  • In some cases, a copy of the TRC is required.

The address is as follows You will probably need a taxi or something similar.,105.782317,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x433d81bee144042a!8m2!3d20.9747706!4d105.782317?hl=ja

Below is 「No Crime Certificate」



In summary

In today’s article, we have explained how to obtain a “No Crime Certificate” in Vietnam by listening to the experience of a consultant who actually did the procedure.

Notarization, power of attorney, application, and obtaining the certificate at the Legal Department …….

The process takes more than 15 days. Therefore, we recommend that you allow plenty of time. It is also a good idea to outsource the process, as it inevitably takes time. If you outsource your paperwork and spend your time on your day job or something you are passionate about, you will end up with more sales and more happiness.

There are studies that show that you can save hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year by using your time effectively.

There is no option not to outsource, is there?

If you want to outsource, please contact us.

See you soon!

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