How to withdraw from social insurance-【resignation】

Khách Hàng
Khách Hàng

in this month, I received a resignation letter from an employee.I do not know what we shoud do when our decided to hand in their resignation.


What procedures do I need to follow regarding social insurance?


When the company has retired employee, company need to inform with the insurance department. Now, this procedure can be make from insurence software- you can make it online.

In Brief_Flow of withdraw from the insurance department


Inform infomation about withdraw from the insurance department

Step 1: Login the insurance soft ware.

Step2: Make the Decrease insurance document

To make new document

Choose HN4 


employee infomation

fill out detailed infomation of resignation person


D02-LT how to submit? 

  • click 1 to revise the document
  • click 2 to see the document
  • click 3 to sign and submit

After 7 working day, you can receive the result of the document via email (the email you register with the insurance office) or you can check on the software.



You need to inform with insurance department before 25th of the month before the employee quit, so you will not be paid for health insurance.

Close the insurance book

After receive the result of decree the employee, you need to close the insurance book for employee.You need to collect the insurance book and send it to the insurance department.

This procedure will be take 1-2 weeks to receive the result

Result: you will receive the “insurance book” with the paper which has information of period you participate insurance in this company

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