Senior Consultant 500 – 800 USD – Work in Da nang


Position: Senior Consultant 

Number: 1

Location: Manabox Da Nang Branch

We are seeking a motivated and dynamic individual to join our team as the first member of our new Da Nang branch. This is an exciting opportunity to play a pivotal role in establishing and growing our presence in Da Nang. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in accounting and a passion for providing exceptional client service.

Why Manabox?

Our Mission

  • Be the Business Doctor: Serve as the trusted advisor and problem solver for our clients.
  • Evolve Accounting and Tax and making it fun : Embracing Innovation and Technology to Move from Accounting and Taxation 1.0 to 2.0

Our Value

Be Professional
・Collective Intelligence: Share knowledge, experiences, and information. Help and inspire team members.
・RICH DAD Style: Data is crucial. Focus on professional tasks and use technology effectively.
・Expert: Gain skills and knowledge to become an expert. Commit to lifelong learning.
Be Creative
・Customer Viewpoint: Consider the client’s pain points to generate new ideas.
・Job Crafting: Make tasks enjoyable through creativity.
・Growth Mindset: Embrace failure as part of growth. Taking action is key.
Be Challenger
・Be Proactive: Act on your own initiative and judgment.
・Improvement Mindset: Accept mistakes and learn from them.
・Growth Mindset: Embrace failure as part of growth. Taking action is key.

Additional Practices

  • Respect Diversity: Valuing diversity and ensuring psychological safety.
  • Nature Workdays: Working in the forest once a month.
  • Exercise Rule: Encouraging regular exercise as a company rule.

What we can we can offer?

Gross monthly salary: 500 – 800 USD (Paying insurance upon full salary)

Training in Ha noi at least 2 week before starting work to understand our culture and rules.

Additional Incentive basing on company’s policy, including:

– One time project Incentives based on performance.
– Retainer service Incentives based on performance.
– Chief Accountant Course: Based on actual invoice amount.
– Allowance for CTA: 1.150.000 VNĐ/month
– Allowance for CPA: 1.150.000 VNĐ/month
– Language allowance
– Allowance for Speaker of Seminar: 1.150.000 VNĐ/time

Other benefits include:

– Gonnapass Course Cost for CTA & CPA Study
– VTCA Tax Update Course
– VACPA Update Course
– Parking fee per month for your motorbike
– Birthday Party and Gift
– Teambuilding and Trip
– Health care 1 time/year

Internal training program will be provided based on the demand of job and in house training course.

For working in provinces, you will receive 400,000 VND per night. All business expenses will be covered by the Company.

Year-end bonus and additional bonus depending on working result

Tourism every year, participating in extracurricular activities …

Full Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance according to labor law of Vietnam

Continuous training of knowledge and technical skills in all aspects of accounting and tax, soft skill…

Working environment, youthful and enthusiastic…

What do you need to become our member?

Background in accounting, auditing, or finance.

Experience in the accounting and tax field for at least 3-4 years, with leadership skills and mindset.

Having CTA or Vietnamese CPA certificate is an advantage.

Business-level command of English and computer skills.

Strong analytical, communication, and teamwork skills.

Self-motivated and ready to cope with high working pressure and complete assignments within deadlines.

Strong motivation and objectives for working long-term in the professional service industry.

Application Process and Contact

If you think that you could be the person that we are looking for, please send us your CV.

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