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A person who does not know HOW to register DEPENDANT for PIT

  • I want to know how to register it
  • I have no confidence detailed procedure
  • I want to save personal income tax legaly

In this article, we will explain How to register DEPENDANT PIT TAX Code

After you read this article, you are eligible to do and deduct taxable income legally.



Step 1: Collecting information and documents to register

1.1.Confirm condition

Before register a PIT tax code for a dependent, it is necessary to determine if the dependent meets the conditions specified in point d Article 9 of Circular 111/2013 / TT-BTC.

You can refer this newletter to check to check conditions:


1.2.Collect document to collect infomation

For cases that satisfy the conditions, they will be registered as dependents and deduction document

  • Birth certificate

  • Copy of ID dependant

  • Statement of who must be directly foster

↓1 Sample of ID dependant

↓2 Sample of ID dependant


↓3,Statement of who must be directly foster

1.3. Collect information

To register, you are requied to collect below infomation.

Information about the taxpayer:

  • Taxpayer’s name
  • Taxpayer’s tax code

Information about dependant:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Tax code ( if any)
  • Nationality
  • Identity Card Number / Personal Identification Number of Dependents
  • Relationship with taxpayer
  • Registered permanent address
  • Timing for deduction

Step 2: Fill in information to prepare registration on HTKK app

2.1. Login HTKK app via tax code of company

2.2. Choose declaration PIT Regisration dependents for family deduction

2.3. Choose tax caculaliton period

2.4. Fill in information on declaration


Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to fill in.

After filling in all information, click “Save” and print out XML file to submit online

Step 3: Submit declaration online via Thuedientu

3.1. Access website:


by IE and login account.

3.2.Register 02TH form

To know if your company has registered the 02TH form yet:

Go to the thuedientu page: Select “File a tax” -> “Submit a tax return”


3.3.Plug USB Token in computer.

3.4.Submit the 02TH form on thuedientu.gdt.gov.vn

3.5.Check the submitted declaration

After you digitally sign the declaration form and submit it in step 4, you need to check the declaration again to see if the submission was successful or not.

Then download the declaration submitted successfully.

so you can expect to reduce your PIT.


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